Color Matching Service

BIKEKINI Covers can be color matched to manufacturers paint codes and brand logos, dealer messages & text easily added as a

bespoke digital printing service.


The key benefits of this system are that bikes can remain on display until collected by the customer and the showroom owner remains confident that the sold bike will not get scratched or dusty.

Showroom owners may only have one of this model in stock until replenished by the manufacturer and it also sends good buying signals to potential purchases seeing which models are moving within a store.

Existing systems such as card sold signs offer little or protection as they are easily removed or simply fall off unless they are stuck to the bike and  almost all sticky methods can leave residue on the paint or plastic.

Unique Fitting system

The patent pending covers have been designed specifically to fit all models of motorcycles with a unique connection & adjustment system that will not scratch the motorcycle.

Also the design allows the motorcycles to be steered and moved without removing the cover as the handlebars, side stand, gear selector etc. can still be accessed with the cover in place.

The covers come complete with side connectors too if it is particularly windy or raining hard to lock the cover in more securely to the bike.

This feature is particularly useful to showroom owners whom like to also display their bikes outside at the mercy of the day to day weather.

Customers feel that bikes have been bettered cared for, regardless of whether they are used or new when they can clearly see that the specialized covers are being used to protect bikes..

Further Potential

There is a great opportunity for showroom owners to add finance offer information or insurance companies to advertise on the covers in store, on a totally new advertising medium.

Motorcycle Accessory Retailers have a further opportunity to sell the consumer travel cover version and add their dealer logo, which will allow them to advertise on their own customers bikes whilst they are being used day to day. The consumer version weighs just 150gms and can be supplied with an optional  tail pack that can be locked to the bike to store the cover. This can be removed & worn around the waist and will hold further valuables such as keys & sunglasses

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Existing systems offer poor protection for sold or customer bikes

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BIKEKINI brand supplies Ducati Showroom Covers

6th July 2014

The recently launched BIKEKINI motorcycle covers brand has supplied it's first showroom motorcycle covers to DUCATI Manchester. The patent pending cover design, allows manufacturers to protect bikes newly sold to customers whilst still keeping them on display in the store.

Similarly when customer bikes are brought in for service, they can be covered

with a simple message, informing showroom consumers that the bike belongs to a customer and should not be sat on.

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