Our CEO is a former serving Infantry British Army Infantry Officer.

We believe it is very important to support our heroes and those that return from combat with life changing injuries. We will insure we provide facilities which mean they can be included in every way possible and be able to enjoy outdoor sport, heath, wellbeing and use the facility as part of their rehabilitation programs.

British Disabled Angling association

the angling trust

We have been overwhelmed with the level of support for this project.

From the start we engaged with the British Disabled Angling Association (BDAA). They have been extremely helpful with project design, especially for the needs of those less able. Eco Lake (district) Farm & Fishery will be the first registered Disabled Fishery in Cumbria with the BDAA.

It will also be the first Sustainable Aquaponics Farm in Cumbria, to ensure its footprint only enhances the environment, not disturbs it.

See facts about how aquaponics works here.

Importantly by growing our own fish in the Aquaponics Hatchery we can insure full bio-security of the site. By providing everything the Angler needs from Rods & Nets and fishing baits, we will reduce the chance of introduced pathogens to almost nil. It also means you can visit us whilst walking or cycling and be able to leave your cars at home! A free collection and drop-off service will be provided from Windermere & Kendal train stations also to assist with Cumbria's traffic management objectives.

the university of cumbria

The RPA is also looking into the future.  Post BREXIT the farming subsidy program (CAPS), will be removed for UK farmers following an agricultural transition period. Alarmingly according to "friends of the lake District' 90% of Cumbrian farmer income currently comes from the EU.

The RPA will be funding projects that are more sustainable, care for our soil, air  and water. This means supporting newer cleaner technologies and advancements in farming such as aquaponics. The project has been chosen for an EOI growth program grant of up to 40% of the cost of the project. We only require full planning approval to qualify for this grant. Hopefully the LDNNPA will also see the benefit in supporting such programs to insure land is carefully diversified and regenerated for the needs of the rural communities.

Societies and clubs

Educating the next generation is extremely important.

In a recent survey by Cambridge University it was concluded that the Millennials are the first generation that want to actively restore the planet and will try to make sure they hand it over in a better shape than they receive it.

The World Wildlife Fund living planet report demonstrates the horrors we are inflicting on our planet. Freshwater species have declined by 70% since the 1970's, the start of modern farming techniques. We can not continue to poison our watercourses with harmful fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides, nor can we sustain global livestock farming practises which cause more atmospheric pollution than all vehicle emissions combined. It is no wonder that veganisim is the fastest growing food consumption trend in the 17-30 year old age brackets.

We will work closely with the University on its outdoor degree programs teaching health and sustainable farming techniques.

We have a host of Societies and Angling clubs up and down the UK that support the project.

Dedicated anglers tend to fish once a week over 9 months of the year and are willing to travel extensively to the right venues. By initiating our traffic management plans and various initiatives we will ensure we cater to this group extensively , increasing outdoor tourism and visitors, whilst minimising travel and carbon footprints.

the rural payments agency

project support

The Angling Trust is the representative body for game, coarse and sea anglers in England and Wales. Their members support the campaigns and legal action they carry out to protect fish stocks and  programmes to increase the number of anglers fishing for fun in competitions and for health and wellbeing. They fight for the future of Angling and believe access to green spaces and waterways for such a peaceful pastime is awarded the same weight that is given to walkers and cyclists in our National Parks. 

The trust has kindly provided a grant for some of the remedial works required to protect the valuable fish stocks at the facility.

the carp society

The Carp Society was formed in 1981, and has developed into a major branch of angling. Their organisation has needed to keep pace with the rapid and ongoing commercialisation of the sport. The primary aim was to develop and promote Carp Angling and today, the organisation still abides by the founding principles of representing carp angling in the best possible way.

Their  fisheries, Horseshoe Lake, Farriers and Little Farriers, are amongst the best in the UK and the facilities at our premier water, Horseshoe Lake are pretty much unrivalled.

the army's national charity

There are numerous other supporting bodies, charities, NGO's and individuals that will write on behalf of the project to the planning authorities. Thank you for your support so far,.

Planning decisions are often determined by the weight of public support. If you would like to support this project you can do so by emailing:

Quoting  application number: 7/2019/5002 Borwick Fold tarn

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