We are equally very mindful of ensuring the project harmonises with the environment, ecology and beautiful landscapes, these are not just words, WE TRULY MEAN THIS!

As a start point our team has therefore ensured we comply and exceed expectations with all current guidelines, aims and objectives of the National, Regional and Local government plans listed below.  

  • National Planning PracticeGuidance
  • ''A UK Strategy for Agricultural Technologies" HM Govt(2013)
  • The "Health and Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit" (Sept. 2018) policy statement
  • The Lake District National Park Landscape Character Assessment and Guidelines(2008)
  • English Lake District World Heritage Site NominationDossier
  • The Partnership's Plan: The Management Plan for the English Lake District2015-2020
  • 8-Point Plan for England's National Parks(2016)
  • A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment
  • A Strategic Framework for Tourism2010-2020
  • Cumbria Economic Strategy2009-19
  • The Four Pronged Attack: Cumbria Strategic Economic Plan2014-2024

Whilst this has been an enormous amount of work to reach this stage, exceeding the aims and objectives of these programs is at the heart of our ethos, to ensure we create the necessary synergies and balance between the Economy, Environment and Social needs of the rural area.

We are equally very mindful of ensuring the project not just blends with the environment, but provides the opportunity to restore the watercourses, protect the wildlife and enhance the biodiversity through specific habitat planting programs. To this end we have engaged the following professional companies to go above and beyond what planning would normally expect on a project of this scale.

  • Eden Environment
    • Landscape masterplan 
    • Landscape and visual analysis 
    • Landscape appraisal
    • Fishing area plan
    • Fishing area illustrative elevation
    • Aquaponic plan
    • Aquaponics illustrative elevation
    • CDM Hazard and Risk Register

  • Lucy Gibson Consulting, Kendal Cumbria
    • Ecological Survey 

  • Woodland Trust
    • Wildlife Habitat Planing Program

  • Environment Agency
    • Site Survey and Watercourse Restoration Plan

  • Cumbria Wildlife Trust
    • Aquatic Plant Survey and Restoration Plan

  • Angling Trust
    • Aquatic Life  Protection & Enhancement

  • Hyde Harrington
    • Planning Statement
    • Heritage, Design & Access Statement
    • Travel Plan

  • Granular Consulting
    • Arial Drone Photography
    • Traffic Survey
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We very much look forward to initiating  a sustainable farming evolution in Cumbria, whilst protecting our environment, assisting our ecology and enhancing our biodiversity

Planning is a very important aspect of any project in the Lake District and the National Parks Authority.

As well as approvals from the Environment Agency and Cumbria Wildlife Trust we have ensured the project has been licensed by the Government Departments for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) , and the Centre for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS).