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Isle of man TT festival

The BIKEKINI™ brand will launch at the

Isle Of Man TT festival in 2014

As part of its program of activities

the brand will be title sponsors of

MOTOFEST,  a 6 day event held at the

Jurby Aerodrome where fans will be

entertained with daytime motorsports

activities, camping and evening rock concerts

Robert Taylor-Hughes, CEO of Granular Ltd commented to the press -

"it is the launch year of the BIKEKINI™ brand, timed to kick-off at the Isle of Man

TT races, where we have kindly been

granted licensed rights to the TT logo for

branding & merchandising of the BIKEKINI™ product range, which will be sold as official TT merchandise".

"Similarly it is the Inaugural year for the MOTOFEST event, so we are happy to participate and support activities that align with our brand, especially ones for the thousands fans that make the annual homage and travel to the TT festival.  We look forward to providing something very different and being part of the overall festivities"

TT spectators will be able to find the BIKEKINI™ retail units at the official TT Fanzone, behind the Granstand in Douglas and at the MOTOFEST event at the Jurby Aerodrome where more than 20,000 fans are expected".

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