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A recent US study of college students listed

'How sustainable a company was' would become

the no.2 item on their list for brand preference in

the next 5 years


Develop your ideas

Anyone can buy a product, but loyal customers buy a brand. The cost to recruit new consumers is x6 what it costs to retain a happy one - this is why many companies excessively need to keep advertising.


Advertising is not branding, branding is a 360 degree holistic approach to reaching your consumers at as many touch points as possible.


Ultimately the brand is generated by your imagery, colours, activities, employee attitudes and the emotions you inspire in your consumers - all this needs to be built around the product offer.  


Great brands that can grow & outperform competitors are the only route to sustained, above-average profitability and ultimately brand survival.


Future brands will also require to be greener, produce smaller carbon footprints and provide more sustainable solutions to future generations of consumers.