We specialize in

But not limited to...

  • Branding, marketing and advertising
  • Distribution & routes to market
  • Product design, development and prototyping
  • Patent & trademark services

  • Product launches and consumer touch points

  • Commercial photography

  • Editing & retouching

  • Website design & development

  • FMCG & CPG business consulting


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Granular Ltd.co.uk 
a new level of thinking


Sometimes it's just worth it!

Whether you are an established business seeking key improvements in your sales, marketing or business process, or simply an individual with a burning idea that you believe could be the next big consumer product - talk to us for a expert opinion


Our purpose is very clear

"To innovate your ideas into brands"


Do not confuse innovation with creativity. Creativity is merely the idea itself. Innovation is the result of orchestrating that idea into a tangible product that consumers desire & want to buy.

Our team of industry experts, consult in numerous business channels and in special circumstances through third party companies as indicated, providing expert insight into the global FMCG world.

Our individual team members have been listed in the to 20% of expert knowledge providers to these companies