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Granular Ltd. Patents are granted for the  motorcycle accessory brand it manages.

20th Sept 2015

In line with our services for entrepreneurs with marketable brand ideas, Patents have now been granted for the  BIKEKINI motorcycle covers brand which has been very successful during its patent pending period but now also owns the IP which will bring real  commercial value when the brand is launched internationally in 2016. 


Granular Ltd. Patents are granted 

Granular Ltd. proves its patent & marketing services by gaining granted patents for the powersports brand it manages BIKEKINI™.

Having a good idea is only one part of the equation. When you want to commercialise that idea you need to insure that you can protect your concept when you take it to market.

Far too often ideas are turned into products and concepts are released for sale via the modern fast routes to market such as on-line web market places.

Granular believes that if you want to really own an idea you should still go down the patent route. In this way you add commercial value immediately and create equity in your brand.

There are of course other softer and less expensive routes such as registered designs but these will only protect you so far once you start to trade in a global market place.

The  BIKEKINI™ powersports covers product claims, were fast tracked by the UK patent & trademark office as Granular were able to prove they had real commercial value. As part of that process advanced  international searches were undertaken and this clears the way for fast tracked patent approvals in international markets.

Speed-to-market is more than just a fast start!

Currently the patents are protected in over 150 countries through the World Intellectual Property Organisations PCT program.

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