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We like to be clear

  • FMCG = Fast moving consumer goods. We define this as anything in a package that you use and then throw away the tin, bottle or box afterwards e.g. shampoo. If you are good and create a trusting relationship with the consumer, they will replace it with exactly the same product and not try something else. This means your brand becomes 'fast'.

  • CPG = Consumer packaged goods. We define these as products that you buy to own, use and keep, usually until they break, become redundant and outdated, or you simply want to replace them; such as mobile phones, TV sets and fridges. This industry is lead by design, function, technology and usually defines the early adopters from the mass majority.

  • NDA = Often in business sensitive information must be shared between business associates where that sensitive information should not be made available to the general public or to competitors. A Confidentiality Agreement is used to formalise that business relationship and to protect those parties from any harm that might result from the intentional or accidental release of that confidential information.