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Conference invitation videos

Conference invitations normally consist of an agenda plus a  boring brochure with nice pictures of the accommodation & hosting venue. We decided it was time to change that.

We can create conference ideas & themes and  shoot invitations for you with our own team, or we can shoot with your employees.

These can be mixed together in the studio with special effects & green screens if you want to keep conference budgets to a minimum.


Want to turn up at your event in style.

No not the usual stretch limo, bow tie and trying to look like you are attending the Oscars. 

Rip up the tarmac and steal the show! Full video package included.

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Rio de Janeiro

With its outstanding beauty and well known landmarks it was simply a case of strapping on a large kite and jumping off a cliff. Conference attendance was 100% and many of our clients gave this activity a try simply because of the invitation.

Sydney Australia

Australia is famous for its sharks amongst many things. Taking the danger theme a step further and in order to get the pulses racing, we jumped into a tank full of 8ft sharks & giant sting rays. Another conference with 100% participation.

Only a few clients however took the plunge!