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We promised Friends of The Lake District in our response to their objection letter we would post some photographs taken by my eldest son. We value the Dark Skies initiative, it is a genius idea in our opinion.

Christian is a keen amateur astronomer, who ironically has been involved in Dark Skies initiatives through He understands much more than I about light shrouds and such, but we are both highly aware of the negative impacts that light pollution creates and the benefits of LED technology. He took these photographs with the immense tracking telescope I bought him one Christmas, with a decent  SLR camera attached and a long exposure.

Dear Friends of the Lake District, we are on your team, our project will make best use of LED technology and renewable energy from solar power ( see our planned primary energy source below). You can be assured such photographs will still be possible, post project completion and members of your organisation are welcome to join us on such beautiful evenings - there will even be toilets available and a hot chocolate machine for those cold, clear, starry nights!

Having spent a lot of time recently researching our power needs to be as 'off-grid' as possible, we are hoping to install the first two SMARTFLOWERS in the region (pending planning approval of course !!)

Dark Skies